Class Tuition Payment Policy

Payment Policies

ACH Debit: Tuition for Purple Dog Art Class is payable monthly, billed on a four-week period and adjusted as necessary to include holidays. Payment will be deducted directly from your savings or checking account around the 5th of every month. Your first payment will also include a one-time $30 registration fee.

Credit Card: A VALID credit card is required for registration. By enrolling you agree to automatic monthly draw of tuition fees with the form of payment provided for record. Upon initial enrollment, your credit card will not be charged until staff has reviewed enrollment and applied any credits or discounts due. You will receive a confirmation of actual amount charged at that time.

Your credit card will be charged for the current month’s tuition along with a 3.5% processing fee between the 1st and the 5th of each month, and initially upon enrollment. If you wish to use another method of payment, it must be provided no later than the last class of the previous month to avoid automatic charge to your card. If your card is not valid and payment is not made, a $10.00 late fee will be applied on or before the 10th of the current month and opportunity to make full payment will be offered. If payment is not received in full, your enrollment will be cancelled. Re-enrollment cannot be guaranteed. All returned payments will incur a $25.00 fee.

You may request a change in class day or time at any time. Purple Dog Art Studio reserves the right to add, cancel, or modify classes as needed.

NEW STUDENTS: Enroll at any time. Receive pro-rated billing for the current month of enrollment. Your card will not be charged until staff has reviewed the registration and pro-rated tuition when necessary.

CLASS WITHDRAWAL: We ask those artists wishing to withdraw from a class to please notify the studio at least one month in advance so we may fill it with an artist on the waiting list. Written notice must be provided to Failure to inform the studio of your withdrawal in a timely fashion will result in a charge of one month’s tuition.

Due to natural variations in the number of days per month, inclement weather, emergencies and holidays/breaks, the number of classes available each month may vary. All of the above has been calculated into the monthly tuition due and the tuition rate will not change with these variations.

You will be notified via email of all Holidays/Breaks/Inclement Weather/Emergencies etc. as they occur.

TUITION REFUNDS & CREDITS: If your child cannot attend class let us know and your child can attend an alternate class during the same week of your absence. Refunds or credit cannot be given in the case of absence and in no event will missed classes be deducted from tuition payment.

MONTHLY TUITION & FEES: $30 registration fee per child/per year. Grades K-12 – $145 per month, 2 or more children (siblings) – $130 per month/per sibling